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Who Else Loves To Eat?

Published / by Molly Whitehouse

One of the ‘benefits’ of moving to a new city is trying out new places to eat. In many cases, the places are the corporate or franchise stores, but it’s still exciting to see if they deliver what you are accustomed to receiving.

So, I think I will write about my adventures in the culinary visits around Allen, TX. This may include Plano, Frisco and McKinney, but I will try to focus on Allen. Eventually, I want to visit every Mexican restaurant in the area. Mainly because I love Mexican food, but also as a service to my fellow enchilada aficionados. Additionally, when I visit such places, I will attempt to gain the marketing and entertainment factor of being the ‘house magician‘. Who knows, maybe a free meal or two will come my way.

So far, I haven’t had a terribly unpleasant dining experience in Allen. I will mention that Cheddars on Stacy Rd does have very tasty selections, and price was quite reasonable. I do wish they would consider having a magician to entertain while waiting. During rush hour, there is a good bit of a wait.

More reviews and quips will come in the following days. In the mean time, clean your hands before dinner, and for those that eat with their fingers, clean them after too!