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Ahead of the Curve

Published / by Molly Whitehouse

We’ve all heard the term “getting ahead of the curve.” Simply put, it is a reference to driving. You want to turn your wheels, adjust your speed based on the approaching curve. This will keep you in control and guide you smoothly through to the desired direction.

As in driving, event planning has some nasty curves that dot the road landscape. Here are the key things you can do to “get ahead of the curve” and have a successful event.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Any cliche about planning can fit here, but it isn’t just trite commentary. PLAN PLAN PLAN. And plan EARLY. What kind of things need to be secured early in the process?

  • Venue – Get the location locked in. And make sure you have adequate facilities for your event.
  • Entertainment – Your entertainment vendor(s) book many months and sometimes years in advance. If you want quality entertainment, be sure to look way ahead, even if it’s just to pencil in the date.

Expand On Success

What has worked before? Was the event given good reviews by the participants? Did they say, “Let’s do this again next year!” It is exciting to put on a successful event. The problem comes in trying to best the previous event. Add a little extra, or equally as good, eliminate the unnecessary. For instance, if everyone loved the DJ and dance last year, why not add a strolling magician? For the wall-flowers, they will have even more to enjoy!

Post Mortem Isn’t Just For Dr G

Get reviews. Find out what worked and what didn’t. Keep an event notebook and update it with the after party details. And don’t forget to show your appreciation to the vendors that helped make your event a success. Even a personal note shows your gratitude.

So there you have it. Short and sweet, simple and doable. Now go out there and have a bang up time!